Renew, Modify, or Extend Your Contract

Part of maintaining your contract with GSA includes knowing how and when it needs to be modified, extended, or renewed.

Contract Modification

Many market factors can affect the supply chain, and your contract with GSA needs to reflect these changes. When these circumstances arise, you may need to request modifications to your contract. You do this via eMod, a module of the eOffer site.

eMod allows vendors to add or delete a Special Item Number (“SIN”) for a product or service, change prices, and report and make administrative changes. The system requires a digital certificate, the receipt of which requires a vendor to submit notarized paperwork; processing can take seven to 14 days after submission.

Once the eMod request has been assigned and reviewed by the GSA contracting official they will contact the vendor to conduct further discussions if necessary. Discussions may include, addressing deficiencies identified in the modification request or the start of negotiations. Following the conclusion of these negotiations, the contracting official is responsible for creating a modification package, which is eventually reviewed and digitally signed within eMod by both parties.

For construction and architectural/engineering contracts, Standard Form 30 is used to execute changes to the contract.

Visit the eOffer/eMod site for additional information and necessary paperwork.

Contract Renewal / Exercise of Option to Extend

Different types of contracts have different base periods and different extension options. For example:

  • GSA Schedule contracts are issued with a five-year base period, with the potential of three additional five-year option periods, for a total of 20 years.
  • Schedule Blanket Purchase agreement (BPA) – single award, one-year base period.

The OPEN (Option Process Ensuring iNtegrity) process oversees the Options/Renewal of contracts. As part of the OPEN process, vendors are notified within four to six months in advance of a contract’s expiration. If your company has met its sales minimum ($25,000/year) and it remains a vendor in good standing, an offer to renew/exercise option to continue will be made.

Even if you are in good standing, if you let your contract expire, it cannot be reinstated. You must submit a new offer.

If you do NOT wish to renew your contract, the notification of renewal provides instructions for declining the offer.

The Vendor Support Center (VSC) has additional detailed information on OPEN and contract renewal/exercising of option extensions.

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