FAQ: OSBU Training Opportunities

OSBU has collected the more frequently asked questions and have created these web pages to ask and answer them. They have been organized into four categories:

Training for Small Business Owners

Q: What training opportunities does the OSBU provide?

A: Visit the GSA Event Calendar of OSBU Events (www.gsa.gov/smallbizevents) or go to the training section of our site on GSA.GOV: Training Opportunities for Small Businesses.

Q: Do you have a follow-up to the GSA Schedules Training Webinars?

A: Yes, we have several webinars that are a great follow-up to any contract training in GSA. Please visit www.gsa.gov/events for options.

Q: May large businesses participate in training events?

A: Yes, all businesses are welcome to attend our training. However, they are designed for small businesses who may have less experience, therefore large businesses may find some of the training elementary for their business needs.

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