Frequently Asked Questions: How OSBU Helps Small Businesses

The GSA Office of Small Business Utilization (OSBU) fields thousands of phone calls and emails each year; many concern very specific issues, others are more general in nature. OSBU has collected the more frequently asked questions and has used them to create these FAQ pages. We hope you'll find the answers more quickly than a phone call or email.

They have been organized into four categories:

Questions about the Organization

Q: What is the GSA OSBU and what does it do?

A: A small business advocacy office that works with the Agency Administrator to ensure that all small business concerns have fair opportunities to work with our agency. There is an advocacy office with the same mission in every Federal agency and you can learn more about how we all help small business through the main website shown below.

Q: What is your small business office website and e-mail address?


Q: How can I get assistance from my regional/local OSBU in regards to my business inquiry?

A: Our website has a myriad of resources for assistance to get you started. To find our regional office support, visit

Q: How can I obtain information regarding OSBU Events?

A: Go to

Q: Who are OSBU Representatives?

A: GSA has a staff of national and regional OSBU Representatives who can assist your small business. View a directory listing of OSBU Representatives here.

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