Checklist For Inspecting Bronze Failures

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Outdoor Sculpture Manual - Center For Public Buildings
Metal Materials
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This checklist is to be used as an aid in inspecting the condition of bronze. It should be used as a supplement to "Bronze: Characteristics, Uses and Problems".

  • Examine the overall surface condition and appearance considering elevation/exposure factors. Look for streaking, uniformity of color, blotchiness and pitting.
    • Describe the typical condition and photograph the overall element and include detailed photographs of specific areas/items of note.
    • Note the best and poorest areas and indicate their locations.
    • Note the location and extent of green areas.
      • Are they generalized?
      • Are they localized?
      • Distinguish between horizontal and vertical surfaces, also exposed vs. protected areas.
    • Note any disfigurement due to corrosion damage, defects, etc.
      • Note size, location of any cracks, holes, perforations.
      • Note size, location and describe any patches, plugs, fills, repairs (note fill materials, pin materials).
    • Note surface texture of bronze. Look for etched patterns, streaks, powdering, worn areas, smooth, shiny/polished, water beading, pitting (describe density per square foot, depth, size), loss of detail, scabbing (describe extent, finish, depth, relationship to pitting, if any).
    • Note condition and location of mechanical joints. Describe size and extent of any cracked joints; corrosion at joints, fills, patches, and general structural integrity.
    • Note weep holes.
      • Describe conditions at weep holes, base.
      • Are holes open, plugged?
      • Describe adjacent staining; crusts, if any.
    • Note discoloration/staining.
      • Describe the color and nature of accretions such as soot; bird droppings; nests; iron stains, erosion; paint.
    • Note vandalism.
      • Describe the extent, nature and location of any scratching, rubbing, paint, damaged or missing parts.
Last Reviewed: 2017-12-11