Sources of Historic Lighting Reproductions

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Technology & Conservation, Summer/Fall 1992, pp. 22-24
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This reference list includes manufacturers and suppliers of historic lighting reproductions as identified in the Summer/Fall 1992 issue of Technology & Conservation.

  • A.K. Exteriors (outdoor wall lanterns)
  • American Lantern Company (chandeliers, outdoor wall lanterns, post lights (Colonial Williamsburg style))
  • Appleton Electric Company
  • Classic Illumination, Inc. (ceiling mounted units (1900-present), chandeliers, wall sconces (1870-present))
  • Edison Price Lighting (ceiling mounted units)
  • Gates Moore Lighting (chandeliers, outdoor wall lanterns, post lights)
  • Gibson and Gibson Antique Lighting (ceiling mounted units, floor lamps, wall sconces (1880s-1940s styles))
  • Herwig Lighting (outdoor wall lanterns, post lights)
  • Historical Arts & Casting, Inc. (chandeliers)
  • King's Chandelier Co. (chandeliers, wall sconces (18th and 19th century))
  • Lighting by Hammerworks
  • Lite Makers, Inc.
  • Luxo Lamps Corporation
  • Metroplitan Lighting Fixture Co., Inc.
  • Newstamp Lighting
  • Progress Lighting
  • Rambusch Lighting
  • Saint Louis Antique Lighting Co.
  • Spring City Electrical Mfg. Co.
  • Sternberg Vintage Lighting
  • Sterner Lighting Systems Inc. (chandeliers, outdoor wall lanterns, post lights)
  • Tower Lighting (chandeliers, outdoor wall lanterns, post lights (Colonial style))
  • Versailles Lighting Inc. (ceiling mounted units, chandeliers, wall sconces)
  • Victorian Lighting Works, Inc. (chandeliers, wall sconces)
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