Data Center Best Practices, Tools & Resources

Management and Operations

Proper training that helps employees understand their responsibilities will lead to increased operational efficiency and effectiveness. This section contains links to training resources and contract vehicles to help your agency procure training.

Data Center Energy Practitioner (DCEP) Training

All data centers can benefit from having at least one certified Data Center Energy Practitioner (DCEP) to manage performance.

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Migration Services

A practical guide intended to help Portfolio Managers think through their agency’s approach to IT modernization.


Green IT conserves energy and reduces your data center’s environmental impact.

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Your data center’s security must cover physical, virtual and cloud environments for end-to-end, layered protection.

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While not all data center management tasks can be automated, doing so where feasible can improve facility performance and allow you to shift data center resources to meet other needs. Automation can also help you avoid unplanned downtime by enabling faster awareness of and response times to problems.

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Last Reviewed: 2019-11-12