Reporting Requirements

Most data center reporting requirements are collected quarterly for each agency through the Office of Management and Budget Integrated Data Collection (IDC). Established through PortfolioStat 2013, the IDC is a consolidated approach to reporting on Federal IT requirements.

The Data Center Optimization Initiative (M-19-19) requires the head of each covered agency, assisted by the Chief Information Officer (CIO), to submit to OMB annually:

1. A complete inventory of the data centers owned, operated, or maintained by (or on behalf of) the agency; and

2. A multi-year strategy to achieve consolidation and optimization of these data centers. Each agency, under the direction of its CIO, must submit quarterly updates on their progress towards activity completion, consolidation & optimization metrics, and cost savings realized through the implementation of their strategy.

DCOI Integrated Data Collection (IDC) - login required
DCOI IDC Collection Page - login required
OMB Memo M-19-19 - Update to the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) - reporting guidance

Strategic Planning - strategic planning - strategic plan schema

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Last Reviewed: 2019-09-20