Emerging Citizen Technology

GSA’s Emerging Citizen Technology program collaborates with agencies, startups, small businesses, civic organizations and inter-agency communities to implement government-wide public service modernization initiatives like:

We work with experts on all aspects of compliant use of modern technologies--privacy, security, accessibility, transparency, accountability and performance--and find practical use cases for their application. Here’s how it works:

  • we collect and analyze of potential use cases;
  • engage in inter-agency collaboration with our partners; then
  • plan pilots, host hackathons and identify other paths to the development of shared evaluation resources and potential adoption of the technology

Because each mission is unique, use cases may vary between state, local and federal agencies. The uniting factor is our public service commitment to these solutions that can better serve the American people. By sharing openly with private-sector innovators, startups and new entries into the field, U.S. businesses gain increased transparency into the modernization of federal information technology programs.

Join our public listservs to stay informed and contribute to our latest initiatives, project wikis and repositories.

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