Social Technology (SocialGov)

The Federal SocialGov Community was launched in June 2012 to research, evaluate and implement emerging social technologies and strategies for public services. We help develop the shared resources and tools needed to get the job done, including:

Our SocialGov Community includes 1,200 digital specialists at more than 160 federal, state and local agencies and organizations who are dedicated to improving the creation, adoption and evaluation of engaging, collaborative and responsive digital programs.

One of these programs is the U.S. Digital Registry, which is the official resource agencies, citizens and developers use to confirm the official status of social media and public-facing collaboration accounts, mobile apps and mobile websites. This creates an additional layer of security by helping prevent exploitation from unofficial sources, phishing scams or malicious entities.

Get Involved

If you are a government employee with a .gov or .mil email address, join our SocialGov Community.

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