Returning Your GSA Access Card (Contractors)

GSAR Clause 552.204-9 outlines procedures contractors follow to obtain and return badges.

GSA issues Personal Identity Verification (PIV) cards to all contractors and employees that require routine access to GSA facilities and IT resources. PIV cards are also known as GSA Access Cards. Contract vendors are responsible for all GSA Access Cards issued under their contracts. GSA Access Cards must be promptly returned when they are no longer needed. The prompt return of GSA Access Cards when they are no longer needed is essential to maintaining GSA building security and access to IT resources.

All GSA contractors must return GSA Access Cards to their Regional Office of Mission Assurance (OMA) Point of Contact (POC) or Central Office HSSO POC on or before their last day of work for any of the following conditions:

  • When the contract is completed or terminated,
  • When the individual GSA Access Card holder is no longer required by the contract vendor for contract performance,
  • If the individual GSA Access Card holder’s employment is completed or terminated by the contract vendor, or
  • If an unfavorable suitability determination has been made for any contractor

Whenever a contractor separates before the completion of a contract, the departing contractor’s GSA Access Card and all other Government Furnished Equipment should be collected on or before the departing contractor’s last day of work on the GSA contract. Departing contractors’ GSA Access Card must be returned by the contractor within 5 business days of the departure. All remaining GSA Access Cards should be returned at the completion of contract performance. Failure to promptly return GSA Access Cards may result in the delay of final payment [FAR 4.1301(d)(2)]

Procedures for returning GSA Access Card at the end of work on a GSA contract:

Step 1: Contractor

  • Must return their GSA Access Card and any GSA-issued equipment to their Vendor POC on or before their last day of work on their GSA contract.

Step 2: Vendor POC

  • Work with the contractor and the GSA Requesting Official to return the contractor's GSA Access Card within 5 business days of the contractor's last day of work on the GSA contract.
  • During the COVID-19, all badges can be returned to the following address:

HSPD-12 Program Management Office
1800 F Street, N.W.
Room G330
Washington, DC 20405

Step 3: GSA Requesting Official

  • Informs the GSA IT Service Desk so that they can remove the contractor's GSA IT access.

Last Reviewed: 2021-06-28