Returning Your GSA Access Card (Federal Employee)

GSA issues Personal Identify Verification (PIV) cards to contractors and employees that require routine access to GSA facilities and IT resources. PIV cards are also known as ‘GSA Access Cards.’ GSA Access Cards must be promptly returned when they are no longer needed. The prompt return of GSA Access Cards when they are no longer needed is essential to maintaining GSA building security and access to IT resources.

What to do if a GSA Access Card is lost or stolen

Procedures for returning GSA Access Card at the end of employment at GSA:

Step 1: Employee

  • Must return their GSA Access Card and all of their GSA issued equipment to their supervisor on or before their last day of employment at GSA.

Step 2: Supervisor

  • Informs the GSA IT Service Desk so that they can remove the employee's GSA IT access
  • Provides the GSA Access Card to the employee's Regional Credentialing Office (RCO) or Access Card Point of Contact (POC)

Step 3: Regional or Central Office OMA POC:

  • Destroys the employee's GSA Access Card and logs the card collection and destruction in the GSA Credentialing and Identityl System (GCIMS), GSA's information system.
  • Updates the employee's employment status from "Active" to "Inactive" in the GCIMS

Source of Requirements: Chapter 3 of the GSA HSPD-12 Handbook (GSA Order CIO P2181.1)

Last Reviewed: 2020-03-30