Vendor Point Of Contact (POC) Card Responsibilities

Contract vendors, with their Vendor Points of Contact, are ultimately responsible for the safe keeping and prompt return of any GSA Access Cards issued to contractor personnel. GSA Access Cards must be promptly returned at the end of the contract, or earlier if contractor personnel are no longer working on the contract for any reason. In either case, GSA should receive the cards within five days following the end of a contract or the conclusion of an individual's work on a contract.

The prompt return of GSA Access Cards when they are no longer needed is essential to maintaining GSA building security and access to IT resources. GSA may delay final payment if the Vendor POC fails to return all issued GSA Access Cards [as mandated in FAR 4.1301(d)(2)].

Additionally, Vendor POCs:

  • Assist contractor applicants through the fitness/suitability determination process to include completion of the Contractor Information Worksheet (CIW) and completion of Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing (e-QIP) online application.

  • Receive and monitor correspondence from GSA to include rejection notifications and suitability determination notices.

Last Reviewed: 2018-06-13