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The federal government faces daily cyber attacks. Even in a resource-constrained environment, departments and agencies need to implement cost-effective and efficient cybersecurity controls for federal information systems.

Our contracts help you comply with mandates and guidelines for cybersecurity products, services, and solutions. We offer a customizable suite of products and services, including shared services, helping government enhance security while bringing systems into the 21st century. We continually improve how we deliver the best value in technology services to government.

How to Order

How to order Cybersecurity

When you are required to use a Statement of Work (SOW), use these ordering procedures [DOCX - 256 KB] .

Use this Proactive Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (RVA) Statement of Work (SOW) Template [DOCX - 55 KB] April 2016.

Products and Services

These products and services are organized around the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity [PDF - 834 KB] (known as the “NIST Cybersecurity Framework”).

NIST Cybersecurity Framework

The Framework organizes basic cybersecurity activities at their highest level, known as Functions. These Functions are Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover. They aid an organization in managing cybersecurity risk by organizing information, enabling risk management decisions, addressing threats, and learning from previous activities.

Categories are subdivisions of a Function. They group cybersecurity outcomes closely tied to programmatic needs and particular activities.

The following links take you to relevant cybersecurity services (on the left) and products (on the right) on GSA Advantage!® that align with each of the Categories. Note: You may need to refresh the page once you are on GSA Advantage!®.

Cybersecurity Products and Services on GSA Advantage!®





Asset Management (S)

Asset Management (P)

Business Environment (S)

Business Environment (P)

Governance (S)

Governance (P)

Risk Assessment (S)

Risk Assessment (P)

Risk Management Strategy (S)

Risk Management Strategy (P)

Supply Chain Risk Management (S)

Supply Chain Risk Management (P)


Access Control (S)

Access Control (P)

Awareness and Training (S)

Awareness and Training (P)

Data Security (S)

Data Security (P)

Information Protection Processes and Procedures (S)

Information Protection Processes and Procedures (P)

Maintenance (S)

Maintenance (P)

Protective Technology (S)

Protective Technology (P)


Anomalies and Events (S)

Anomalies and Events (P)

Security Continuous Monitoring (S)

Security Continuous Monitoring (P)

Detection Processes (S)

Detection Processes (P)


Response Planning (S)

Response Planning (P)

Communications (S)

Communications (P)

Analysis (S)

Analysis (P)

Mitigation (S)

Mitigation (P)

Improvements (S)

Improvements (P)


Recovery Planning (S)

Recovery Planning (P)

Improvements (S)

Improvements (P)

Communications (S)

Communications (P)

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