Continuous Diagnostics & Mitigation (CDM) Tools Special Item Number (SIN) Information for Vendors

The CDM Tools SIN (132-44) provides vendors an opportunity to apply to sell software and hardware solutions on a specialized cybersecurity program that is marketed to organizations throughout the federal government.

Benefits of Being Awarded the CDM Tools SIN:

  • Prioritization - CDM sponsored requirements prioritize the use of CDM vehicles (CDM Tools SIN and CDM DEFEND) as the preferred method for procurement, giving CDM Tools SIN holders an advantage of obtaining first consideration and opportunity to compete;
  • Ease of Buying - The CDM product offerings are consolidated and categorized into product families for ease of discovery and access;
  • Expedited Awards - The CDM program is eligible to use the GSA FASt Lane program to award and modify contracts quickly. New awards can take up to 45 days and modifications only a couple of days; and
  • Ease of Adding Emerging Technologies - Allows for added flexibility and speed to market for emerging technologies.

Vendors that want to sell on the CDM Tools SIN must first get their products on the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Approved Products List (APL). Once their tools are on the APL, vendors can then apply to be on GSA's CDM Tools SIN.

Step 1 - CDM APL

The DHS CDM program includes cybersecurity tools and sensors that are reviewed by the program for conformance with Section 508, federal license users and CDM technical requirements. Each month, the program sponsors an open season to encourage cybersecurity original equipment manufacturers and others to update, refresh and add new and innovative tools to the CDM APL. For more information on the technical evaluation process, please review the APL Product Submission Instructions.

APL Submission Documents Include:

Submissions to modify the CDM APL will be accepted by DHS on a monthly basis. Offerors can submit to DHS starting the Monday of the first full or partial week of the month, with submissions being accepted through Friday of that week. Reference the calendar with submission dates, below.

CDM APL Product Submission Calendar
Month Period Starts Period Ends
August-18 30-Jul-18 3-Aug-18
September-18 3-Sep-18 7-Sep-18
October-18 1-Oct-18 5-Oct-18
November-18 29-Oct-18 2-Nov-18
December-18 3-Dec-18 7-Dec-18
January-19 31-Dec-18 4-Jan-19
February-19 28-Jan-19 1-Feb-19
March-19 25-Feb-19 1-Mar-19
April-19 1-Apr-19 5-Apr-19
May-19 29-Apr-19 3-May-19
June-19 3-Jun-19 7-Jun-19
July-19 1-Jul-19 5-July-19
August-19 29-July-19 2-Aug-19
September-19 2-Sep-19 6-Sep-19
October-19 30-Sep-19 4-Oct-19
November-19 28-Oct-19 1-Nov-19
December-19 2-Dec-19 6-Dec-19

Step 2 - Application Process for the CDM Tools SIN

There are two scenarios for applying to the CDM Tools SIN (132-44):

  • Vendors that are currently IT Schedule 70 contract holders but are not associated with the CDM program; and
  • Vendors not currently on IT Schedule 70.

Vendors submitting offers and modifications to the CDM Tools SIN may be eligible for GSA's FASt Lane expedited awarding process. For more information, contact

The process for each scenario is provided in the downloadable Vendor Process Guide on Applying for the CDM Tools SIN [PDF - 163 KB].

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