Continuous Diagnostics & Mitigation Tools

CDM provides federal agencies with capabilities and tools that:

  • Find cybersecurity risks on an ongoing basis.
  • Prioritize these risks based upon potential impacts.
  • Enable cybersecurity personnel to focus on the most significant problems first.

CDM Tools support the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) CDM program. The hardware and software products associated with this program undergo a DHS CISA qualification process in order to be added to the CDM Approved Products List (APL).

To learn more about CDM, visit CISA's website at

Approved Products List (APL)

If products pass the DHS CISA qualification process, they're added to the CDM Approved Products List (updated monthly). The CDM program also sponsors a monthly "open season" to encourage original equipment manufacturers to refresh and add new, innovative tools to the APL.

Buying CDM Tools

The former CDM Tools Special Item Number (SIN) retired in 2022. CDM Tools are now available through the Best in Class Hardware and Software SINs on the Multiple Award Schedule Information Technology (MAS IT) Category. The CDM Tools buying guide [DOCX - 53 KB] can help you navigate the buying process.

Make CDM Tools purchases through:

  • eBuy
  • GSA Advantage!®
  • Issuance of a Request for Information or Request for Quote and allow vendors to respond to their requirements

Items with this Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation symbol symbol on GSA Advantage!® meet CISAs conformance requirements and are cataloged on the CISA CDM APL.

Selling CDM Tools

If you're a vendor interested in selling your products listed under the CDM program, check out our CDM tools vendor guide [DOCX - 43 KB].

To become a CDM tools vendor, you'll first need to meet CISA's CDM capability functional requirements and be included on the APL. Once on the APL, you can apply to sell through GSA Schedules and use the CDM symbol in GSA Advantage.

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Tell us what you think

Last Reviewed: 2023-02-16