Trusted Internet Connections (TICs)

Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Services (MTIPS) Delivers Cybersecurity Solutions

The Managed Trusted Internet Protocol Services (MTIPS) program provides Trusted Internet Connection (TIC)-compliant managed security services through Networx and Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS).

MTIPS provides security for agencies' online traffic and delivers many other cybersecurity solutions. Agencies can use MTIPS to comply with OMB guidance on Trusted Internet Connections (see details on the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Trusted Internet Connections Initiative).

Government Networx and EIS users can get MTIPS as a managed security service, or as part of an agency’s specific statement of work directly with Trusted Internet Connections access providers.

How MTIPS Works

MTIPS Functional Model Image

The figure above shows the MTIPS generic functional model [PDF - 3 MB].

GSA and DHS jointly developed the requirements for this Networx Trusted Internet Connection Access Provider (TICAP) service. The high-level working parts include:

  • Internet access;
  • Hosted EINSTEIN enclave (a computer network intrusion detection system);
  • A Security Operations Center (SOC); and
  • MTIPS transport.

The MTIPS SOC monitors all information exchanged with external networks to protect agency traffic. The MTIPS transport serves as a group network for the TIC portal, insulating an agency’s internal network from the Internet and other external networks.


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Last Reviewed: 2021-10-21