MTIPS Features and Price Structure

The Public Enterprise Infrastructure Services (EIS) Pricing Tool allows users to find MTIPS pricing on the EIS contract. Networx users can find MTIPS pricing on the Public Networx Pricing Tool.

The MTIPS pricing structure:

Price = Port + Access + Service-Enabling Devices (SEDs) or equipment.

Charges for the port are monthly, with no installation fees. The MTIPS port charge is made up of the following:

  • Dual site and component redundancy;
  • EINSTEIN enclave;
  • Failover connectivity;
  • Global and rapid response loops;
  • Internet access connectivity;
  • Security services; and
  • Security Operations Center (SOC).

These optional features are separately priced:

  • Agency Network Operations Center/Security Operations Center console;
  • Agency security policy enforcement;
  • Custom Certification and Accreditation support;
  • Customized reports;
  • Encrypted DMZ (Federal Information Processing Standard 140-2-compliant)
  • Encrypted traffic analysis;
  • External Network Connection (IP traffic); and
  • Forensic analysis of cyber incidents.

Last Reviewed: 2020-06-19