Salesforce Governmentwide Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)

The Salesforce Implementation, Integration, and Support Services (SIISS) Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) is a multiple-award, governmentwide BPA. This BPA will simplify acquiring Salesforce services, reduce costs, and streamline delivery of core services.

This BPA allows you to easily acquire Salesforce implementation by:

  • Consolidating the government’s Salesforce technical development, operations and maintenance, and enforcement strategy needs into one procurement vehicle;
  • Replacing many agency-specific contracts; and
  • Reduces contract duplication and the government's administration costs.

This BPA ensures that acquiring Salesforce implementation services is easy and reliable.

Contract Highlights

Awardees are proven enterprise-level Salesforce implementation partners who can manage implementations and integrations within complex, multi-organizational government cloud ecosystems. It offers

  • Five-year period of performance;
  • Estimated value: $503 Million;
  • Supports the development of hundreds of shareable cloud applications and public-facing community portals as well as tens of thousands of users;
  • Sets standards for Salesforce development allowing agencies to share repeatable applications via the GSA Labs community, improve interoperability, best practices, and app sharing among agencies; and
  • Supports FITARA by setting up standards that make it possible for agencies to reuse applications developed by others and by providing a single governmentwide vehicle that can replace numerous agency-specific contracts.
Last Reviewed: 2021-01-12