Software License Management Service (SLMS)

No Cost SLMFast Engagements

We are offering no-cost SLMFast engagements to all federal agencies. The SLMS Program has transitioned from offering paid pilot engagements, to expedited (40-day sprint) engagements for no cost. If your agency is interested in hearing further details about this new and exciting offering, please read below or contact

Optimizing information technology (IT) infrastructure programs gives users what they need, when they need it – and at the lowest cost – so agencies can devote more resources to their mission.

Agency Chief Information Officers (CIOs) realize that Software License Management (SLM) maturity is faced with a number of challenges. CIOs are beginning to see the bigger picture that it’s not just about checking the box with meeting the federal policy requirements. It’s about allocating the resources and effort to fill the gaps that prevent the program’s success.

IT Asset Management starts the journey of migrating to the cloud, moving or consolidating data centers, and making sound IT portfolio management decisions. We can help!

Our SLMFast offering is a proactive approach to Software Asset Management (SAM). It guides agencies to effectively procure, deploy, and manage software licenses based on contract entitlements, product use rights, and actual usage.

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