Data Center Services

GSA offers a range of products and services and several BPA options to improve data center performance, and ensure your data centers support your mission effectively, even during an emergency. We help agencies achieve their cost savings, environmental sustainability, cybersecurity, and consolidation goals through a suite of data center services, including:

Data Center basics

Business recovery, business resumption, cloud-based disaster recovery and failover, contingency planning, crisis management facilities and services

Facilities design (build/new and expand/retrofit) operational assessments

Day-to-day operations, monitoring and reporting, security

Cloud-based storage, consulting/advisory services, day-to-day operations, implementation services, monitoring and report, product support services, security services, utility services

Co-location complex, managed hosting, hosting in the cloud, shared hosting, simple managed hosting

Not sure where to start? The Data Center Optimization Initiative Program Management Office's (DCOI PMO) Resources Page can help you determine the best path forward.

IT Schedule 70 Providers

IT Schedule 70 providers

View our Industry Partners on IT Schedule 70


Commercial IT products and services
The Software Purchase Agreements offer commodity software and services at deep discounts, including:

Federal agencies can buy IT commodities such as servers and integrated support services faster and at lower prices through GSA.

State, local, and tribal governments can use the Cooperative Purchasing Program to buy from IT Schedule 70, the IaaS BPA, and certain SmartBUY BPAs.

FPKI is the government's common infrastructure that administers digital certificates and public-private key pairs. It can also issue, maintain, and revoke public key certificates. See our FPKI approved provider list.

Need related IT solutions?

End-to-end IT solutions

Networx allows federal agencies to build seamless, secure operating environments through customized telecommunications solutions.

Connections II offers secure telecommunications equipment, labor, services, and solutions for federal infrastructure, buildings, and campuses.

Governmentwide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) offer cybersecurity services as part of a total IT solution.

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