Software License Management Service (SLMS)

Did you know?

Every year, the federal government spends $9.1 Billion on commercial software, through more than 50,000 separate transactions. A typical organization spends 30 percent more than they need for software.

Optimizing IT infrastructure programs gives users what they need, when they need it – and at the lowest cost – so agencies can devote more resources to their mission.

Our Software License Management Service (SLMS) is a proactive approach to Software Asset Management (SAM). It enables you to effectively procure, deploy, and manage software licenses based on contract entitlements, product use rights, and actual usage.

SLMS helps you cut costs (e.g., show positive ROI, decrease overall software spend), comply with federal mandates (e.g., FITARA, MEGABYTE, and OMB 16-12), and enhance cybersecurity posture by eliminating unused, unsupported, or obsolete (i.e., vulnerable) applications.

What We Do

As a shared service developed by GSA, SLMS provides agency CIOs the information they need to understand their inventory, defend against compliance audits, and optimize software that is unused or underused.

SLMS enables you to manage software assets more efficiently. The program provides resources, access to tools, and training to successfully adopt a mature ITAM/SAM program. In addition, SLMS uses existing agency-owned inventory tools to develop software license utilization data and integrate them into a SLMS-managed government-wide software license management repository.

We work with you to develop policies, procedures, and business processes to shift from uncoordinated, decentralized license management to a mature and centralized program. Using our software license management best practices, agencies can proactively manage software entitlements, recycle unused licenses, and fully leverage legacy technologies before introducing unnecessary and duplicative technologies.

Key Steps

Our SLMS experts will work with you to deliver on the 4Cs of SLMS: a Customized approach to assisting agency IT programs to reduce Costs, Comply with mandates, and enhance Cybersecurity posture.

Each SLMS engagement is customized based on your specific needs. SLMS typically accomplishes the 4 Cs using a data-based approach, including:

• Developing a proof of concept based on your software license position to generate customized dashboard and SLMS engagement business case;

• Performing SLM gap analysis to gain detailed understanding of program performance, inefficiencies, and strategic priorities; and

• Identifying the processes, policies, governance, and toolset capabilities to optimize SLM.

SLMS Proof of Concept

Your agency can easily initiate a SLMS Proof of Concept by signing an Inter-Agency Agreement (IAA) with the SLMS PMO (no procurement or solicitation required).

Generating the proof of concept and business case for SLMS requires collecting and/or sharing agency software data (including inventory and entitlement license information). Our SLMS team analyzes this data and generates a customized dashboard (depicting contract compliance status, upcoming expirations/renewals, licensed/unlicensed installation, publishers in breach), a partial assessment of your SLM maturity across key process areas, and a comprehensive business case for your agency's investment in a full SLMS engagement.

The proof of concept is provided at minimal cost to qualifying agencies.

Agencies who wish to proceed beyond the Proof of Concept phase can detail the scope of services by amending their Inter-Agency Agreement (IAA). Example services include a gap assessment, customized engagement to meet high-priority agency issues, and delivery of a future roadmap to achieve a mature SLM program. The IAA formally establishes the scope, resource requirements, and timeline between the agency and GSA.

Why Use GSA?

We can provide your agency with experienced resources and expertise across the following functional areas:

  • IT asset management
    • Governance, policy, and process
    • Software license management
    • Contract negotiation
    • Audit prevention
    • Toolset acquisition and deployment
  • Simplified access to support – No procurement or solicitation required


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