Telepresence provides an immersible, true-to-life virtual meeting experience, including life-sized displays, dedicated high-speed connections, high-definition video, and directional audio. Use telepresence to conserve time, save money, and reduce your environmental footprint by cutting down on carbon emissions.

Connect within seconds from San Francisco to Boston to Chicago. Interact with colleagues across the country as if they were in the same room. Use state-of-the-art collaboration tools to seamlessly share digital content and review and revise documents in real time.

Buy or Lease Telepresence Rooms

For agencies with Networx

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Agencies with a Networx telecommunication services contract can lease telepresence equipment and services. With a lease, the vendor owns the equipment and you will pay only for hours used.

You can also buy telepresence equipment and services through two options:

  • The industry partner owns the equipment and you pay one-time and monthly charges; or
  • You own the equipment and pay monthly network charges.
How to order Telepresence from Networx

IT Schedule 70

Person instucting someone else

Agencies can buy telepresence rooms and service from IT Schedule 70. You can own or lease the equipment. The vendor or another contract will provide the network.

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