Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Although the ordering period for this Cloud IaaS BPA has closed, there are many more cloud acquisition vehicles available from GSA and other resources. Please contact the GSA cloud experts at for more information and help with acquiring cloud services for your agency.

Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) helps agencies realize cost savings and efficiencies while modernizing and expanding their IT capabilities without spending capital resources on infrastructure. Cloud-based infrastructure is rapidly scalable, secure, and accessible over the Internet — you only pay for what you use.

Agencies can get Cloud IaaS using a blanket purchase agreement (BPA) through 11 industry partners. The providers on this Cloud IaaS BPA allow agencies to buy cloud storage, virtual machines, web hosting, and data center services with an Authority to Operate (ATO) at the FISMA moderate-impact level.

How to Order

How to order IaaS
Once you determine your scope and requirements, create your Statement of Objectives (SOO) or Statement of Work (SOW), and complete your Request for Quote (RFQ) package, issue your RFQ to the IaaS BPA industry partners.

Issue an RFQ by email using the points of contact on the IaaS BPA Industry Partner webpage

Visit the IaaS resources webpage for more documents and templates to help you through the ordering process, including the IaaS BPA Ordering Guide [PDF - 366 KB] If you want assistance with the ordering process, please send your request to


The Cloud IaaS BPA offerings are available in three distinct lots, as shown below. Visit the IaaS BPA Resources webpage to learn more about the services and features of the IaaS BPA.

IaaS overview

Provides scalable, redundant, dynamic web-based storage. Provides the user with the ability to procure and use data and file storage capabilities remotely via the Internet. Provides file and object data storage capabilities on-demand, dynamically scalable per request and via the Internet.

Provides scalable, redundant, dynamic computing capabilities or virtual machines. Users can procure computing services or virtual machine instances via the Internet.

Provides web application hosting services in the cloud enabling scalable, redundant, dynamic web hosting services. Government users can procure and provision web hosting services via the Internet. Users can securely load applications and data onto the provider’s service remotely from the Internet. Configuration is enabled via a web browser over the Internet.


IaaS Features
The period for which task orders will be awarded through the IaaS BPA is October 15, 2010, to October 14, 2015.

Industry partners offer detailed ceiling pricing for explicitly defined standard services, so you can easily compare pricing across the 11 industry partners. We encourage you to negotiate lower prices in our task order. You can negotiate lower pricing for a lower level of service, but the service provider can’t charge higher prices (above the specified ceilings) for a higher level of service.

Service providers are required to meet the SLA requirements specified in the solicitation, including service availability of 99.9 percent. Based on input from a 22-agency EaaS Working Group, the BPA requirements have been developed to help your agency buy EaaS. For example, the BPA offers services that meet the National Archives Records Administration (NARA) requirements for records management, and requirements for the Secret Enclave delivery model were developed with Department of Defense (DOD) input.

Service providers are required to meet the SLA requirements specified in the solicitation, including service availability of 99.5 percent. The BPA offers trouble tickets and order management capabilities.

Our industry partners offer the five essential characteristics of cloud computing: Ever-present network access, resource pooling, on-demand self-service, rapid elasticity, and measured service. This means you can access your infrastructure over the Internet through any web browser. Infrastructure can be quickly provided to you or scaled back, and the providers monitor your usage and charge you accordingly.

In addition to being available to federal customers, the IaaS BPA is also open to state, and local governments through the Cooperative Purchasing Program.

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