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Government agencies must issue compliant PIV cards to their employees and contractors. USAccess provides credentialing services and support. Our program reduces the cost to get equipment, software, and services to enroll applicants, issue cards, and manage their lifecycle. We support agencies with deployment, training, and customer support.

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All new customer agencies must complete the onboarding process before issuing PIV cards to employees and contractors. Contact to get started.

Deploy new credentialing centers

New and existing customer agencies that want to deploy equipment should follow this process to set up new credentialing centers.

  1. Plan deployment and order equipment.

    Whether for a new or existing site, we work with you to help determine the:

    • Location of the center.
    • Number of units required.
    • Type of center (shared by other agencies or dedicated to only your agency).
    • Type of unit (fixed that you can only move with our approval, mobile that you can move, and light that does not print cards).

    View the current price list for options to begin ordering equipment. Use the services order form [PDF - 685 KB] to order equipment.

    You can also order test cards to test your physical and logical access control systems compatibility with the USAccess Service. You will need to retest your system after software and hardware are updated or when new versions of cards come out. Fill out the test card order form [PDF - 731 KB] and the services order form [PDF - 685 KB] to get these test cards.

  2. Prepare the site and hire and train staff.

    Your agency must identify, credential, and train all role holders. You will also need a registrar, activator, or both to run the credentialing center.

    We offer self-paced, web-based and in-person training. To take the online training follow these steps:

    After you log in, you will see all available courses and training materials.

    Registrars and activators can get specific guidance on using credentialing equipment through a two-day training in Chantilly, Virginia. This instructor-led training is also available virtually. Have your agency lead email for registration.

  3. Install and certify the unit(s) on-site.

    Your equipment will arrive with a set-up guide. The registrar must follow the instructions in the guide to certify the workstation.

  4. Maintain your center(s).

    Find out what you need to do to maintain or decommission your center once it is set up.

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Last Reviewed: 2023-03-17