8(a) STARS III Resources

8(a) STARS III Contract

The 8(a) STARS III Contract [PDF - 730 KB] contains technical information regarding pricing, order types, the meaning of information technology, roles and responsibilities, and proper parts of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). This information is subject to change.

8(a) STARS III Ordering Guide

The 8(a) STARS III Ordering Guide [PDF - 822 KB] defines roles and responsibilities for the ordering process. It also provides instructions for using 8(a) STARS III. This information is subject to change.

8(a) STARS III Brochure

The 8(a) STARS III Brochure [PDF - 133 KB] provides a summary of the benefits and features of the contract, as well as links to resources and tools.

Small Business Administration (SBA) Offer and Acceptance Guidance

The SBA Offer Letter [DOCX - 20 KB] is a template which agencies may use when drafting a sole-source offer for SBA review. Per section G.13 of the 8(a) STARS III contract, offer and acceptance is required for each sole source order in accordance with FAR 19.804-6.

The list of SBA District Offices [PDF - 408 KB] provides email and phone contacts for SBA's district offices (current as of 4/22/2022). These points of contact should be utilized when submitting an 8(a) sole source offering letter to SBA.

Last Reviewed: 2023-03-27