Alliant 2 Small Business

Alliant logoPlease note: Due to corrective action being taken in response to a U.S. Court of Federal Claims protest, the government has rescinded all contract awards for Alliant 2 Small Business (A2SB), returning to a pre-award status. (FBO), under Solicitation Number QTA0016GBA0002, remains the official location for solicitation information. All inquiries should be directed to In Class Badge

On September 29, 2017, OMB designated the Alliant 2 Small Business GWAC as a best-in-class solution for information technology services.


Similar to Alliant Small Business, this next-generation GWAC will include:

  • A highly qualified pool of industry partners;
  • A robust scope aligned with the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) and Department of Defense Enterprise Architecture (DoDEA);
  • Access to a full range of complete IT services and IT services-based solutions;
  • Flexibility as emerging technologies and the meaning of IT evolve;
  • Support (non-IT) permitted when it is integral to, and vital for, the IT services-based outcome;
  • Open Season provision to competitively award to added highly qualified IT contractors;
  • A full spectrum of contract types, including cost refund;
  • Worldwide coverage; and
  • Free scope-compatibility reviews.

With Alliant 2 SB, we will continue to give total solutions to meet government agency requirements with greatest opportunities for small businesses.

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Last Reviewed: 2020-04-06