Alliant 2 Resources

Ordering Guide

The Alliant 2 ordering guide defines roles and responsibilities for its ordering process and provides helpful instructions.

Alliant 2 Ordering Guide [PDF - 965 KB]


The Alliant 2 contract contains technical information regarding pricing, order types, the definition of information technology, roles and responsibilities, and applicable parts of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

Alliant 2 Conformed Contract [PDF - 2 MB]

Attachment J-1 - DoD Required Provisions and Clauses [DOCX - 42 KB]

Alliant 2 CAF CAP Memo [PDF - 111 KB]

Streamlining Articles

FAR 16.505 Ordering - Understanding Streamlined Acquisitions [PDF - 238 KB]

FAR 16.505 Ordering versus FAR 15.3 Negotiated Procurements [PDF - 192 KB]

Acquisitions Aren't Getting Any Easier...Or Are They? [PDF - 143 KB]

Assisted Acquisition

Download the Assisted Acquisition Service Brochure [PDF - 843 KB]

Assisted Acquisition Service (AAS) Site


GWAC Tools / Dashboard

GWAC Prices Paid Tool

GWAC Sales



Download the Alliant 2 Brochure [PDF - 100 KB]

Order the Alliant 2 Brochure

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