Alliant Small Business Industry Partners

Who is on Alliant Small Business?

Use the Alliant Small Business Industry Partner [XLS - 72 KB] spreadsheet to learn about or contact industry partners. Due to the size re-representation in FAR 52.219-28, some Alliant Small Business prime contractors are no longer coded in the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS-NG) as a "Small Business" concern on the GWAC. During the Alliant Small Business option period, beginning February 3, 2014, only those primes identified as Small Businesses can compete as prime contractors for new task order awards, assuring small business credit for the task order award. In certain circumstances, any Alliant Small Business prime can be awarded a task order during the option, provided an exception to a fair opportunity to be considered is justified and implemented. See Alliant Small Business GWAC Option FAQ [PDF - 15 KB] for more information.

You can use these email addresses to provide fair opportunity to be considered in accordance with FAR 16.505, unless you use an exception for fair opportunity in FAR 16.505(b)(2)(i). You can also issue task orders directly through eBuy, or by working with GSA's Assisted Acquisition Services.

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Information for Industry Partners

Alliant Small Business is no longer open to new prime contractors.

However, interested industry partners may be able to subcontract with one or more Alliant Small Business prime contractors. You can make yourself more competitive by:

  • Contacting the prime contractor’s program manager or subcontracting coordinator;
  • Presenting your unique business value;
  • Familiarizing yourself with the Alliant Small Business contract [PDF - 890 KB] ;
  • Bringing a prospective project to the business relationship; and
  • Participating in GSA's Mentor Protege Program.

For other contracting opportunities, you should:

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