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Ordering guide

The Alliant ordering guide defines roles and responsibilities for its ordering process and provides helpful instructions.

Alliant Ordering Guide [PDF - 560 KB] - A guide for ordering and giving task orders under the Alliant GWAC.

For Department of Defense (DoD) customers: For specific questions related to DoD’s authority to use interagency contracts such as Alliant, please contact the Defense Procurement Acquisition Policy (DPAP) at or 703-695-8571.


The contract contains technical information. It includes pricing, order types, the meaning of information technology, roles and responsibilities, and proper parts of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

Alliant Conformed Contract [PDF - 692 KB]

Alliant CAF CAP Memo [PDF - 512 KB]


These templates can help you request and issue a task order through Alliant.

Sample Statements of Work (SOWs)

These SOWs are sorted according to the Federal Enterprise Architecture’s IT component description. They are redacted examples of IT solutions accomplished under Alliant.

Please note that these sample SOWs are for informational purposes only—please do not use them as templates for future Alliant task orders.

Frequently asked questions

Marketing materials

You can order additional brochures through the CMLS system by using the keyDOC search.

Last Reviewed: 2020-07-01