Request a GWAC Scope Compatibility Review

As a service to our customers, GSA offers free scope compatibility reviews for statements of work. This service can help reduce the risk of protest and is a unique benefit of working with GSA.

Scope Compatibility Review Requirements

Image of statement of work webform

To request a scope compatibility review, please complete the online Scope Review Request Form. Please see the Quick Reference Guide [PDF - 934 KB] for instructions on accessing the tool.

A scope review may be requested for multiple GWACs but please select only the one(s) in which you're most interested. A separate response letter for each GWAC will be sent.

If you need assistance with the Scope Review Request Form, please contact

Alliant/Alliant 2 Scope Compatibility Review Notice

For ordering agency awareness (Alliant and Alliant 2 scope compatibility reviews only): Very limited information on only unclassified submitted SOWs for review might be provided to the Alliant or Alliant 2 contractors for purposes of estimating their budgets for bid and proposal costs and to also promote their participation in the proposal process, which in turn will increase competition in contracting. Information released will be limited to agency/bureau name, project requirement type, and the date GSA determined SOW was in-scope.

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