Request a GWAC Scope Compatibility Review

As a service to our customers, GSA offers free scope compatibility reviews for statements of work and proposed modifications to existing orders. This service can help reduce the risk of protest and is a unique benefit of working with GSA.

Scope Compatibility Review Requirements

To request a scope compatibility review, please send an email to (for Alliant) or (for small business GWACs), with the following information (Microsoft Word or Excel attachments are preferred):

  • Which GWAC you are targeting;
  • The scope compatibility review request form (below);
  • Your statement of work (SOW) or statement of objectives (SOO);
  • The independent government cost estimate (IGCE), if available. Include labor categories and hours or estimated dollar amounts with options and incumbent information. For more on pricing, see the "Pricing" page for your target GWAC;
  • Any specific questions you would like addressed; and
  • A deadline, if applicable.

We will let you know via email within two to five business days if your requirement is in the scope of a GWAC.

Scope Compatibility Review Request Forms

  • Alliant GWAC [DOC - 38 KB] Scope Compatibility Review Request Form
  • Small Business GWACs [DOC - 42 KB] (8(a) STARS II, Alliant Small Business and VETS 2) Scope Compatibility Review Request Form

For ordering agency awareness (Alliant scope compatibility reviews only): Very limited information on only unclassified submitted SOWs for review might be provided to the Alliant contractors for purposes of estimating their budgets for bid and proposal costs and to also promote their participation in the proposal process, which in turn will increase competition in contracting. Information released will be limited to agency/bureau name, project requirement type, and the date GSA determined SOW was in-scope.

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