Request a Small Business GWAC Capabilities Statement

Capabilities statement requests help you identify industry partners with the desired core competencies and availability to perform on the required schedule. Capabilities statement requests can also identify whether a particular small business GWAC is appropriate for your requirement.

Agencies can use a capabilities statement request for market research while planning an acquisition. We typically recommend capabilities statement requests for large dollar value and complex procurements.

Capabilities statement requests are for market research only, not for selecting a particular contract holder. GSA representatives are available to help you with any part of the capabilities statement request process.

What to include

Your capabilities statement request should include the following information:

  • Description of your requirement — a work synopsis or work statement;
  • Your agency’s mission;
  • Specific applications or technologies used;
  • Clearance requirements;
  • Estimated dollar value of the task;
  • Period of performance; and
  • Detailed submission instructions, including page limit and response deadline.

We recommend that you make the request as detailed as possible and provide an appropriate response time given the complexity and scope of your procurement.

How to submit the request

A spreadsheet of contact information for GWAC industry partners is available on the “Industry Partners” page for each GWAC. You can submit the request to all applicable prime contract holders through one of the following methods, or your agency's prescribed means:

  • Email;
  • Fax;
  • Mail; or
  • eBuy.

We can also send the Capabilities Statement Request to GWAC contract holders on your behalf.

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Last Reviewed: 2023-03-27