Sell through IT Schedule 70

IT Schedule 70 is a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract for commercial IT products/services that are available to federal agencies worldwide. It is one of the largest contracts in government used by agencies to purchase technology products and services.

What does it mean to be an IT Schedule 70 contract holder?

Business partners/suppliers apply to GSA to be added to IT Schedule 70. Customer agencies then use that list to fulfill their technology products and services needs.

IT Schedule 70's list of suppliers reflects GSA’s commitment to being an economic catalyst, as over 80 percent are small businesses.

You will be able to offer federal, state, local, and tribal government the products/services that you already offer to your commercial customers. The MAS contract is not a traditional contract--having the contract does not automatically mean business; rather, it provides you the opportunity to sell to the government under the program.

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How To Become an IT Schedule 70 Contract Holder

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  • IT Schedule 70 Roadmap: receive step-by-step instructions and resources for completing your IT Schedule 70 offer.
  • FASt Lane: learn how qualified suppliers can get on schedule in as little as 45 days.
  • Startup Springboard: for companies with less than two years' corporate experience that want to get on Schedule.

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Resources for Current IT Schedule 70 Contract Holders

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FAQs for Industry Partners

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Check out the most Frequently Asked Questions page for our Industry partners.

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