Making It Easier: FASt Lane

The FASt Lane program ensures our government customer agencies have quicker access to emerging technologies and innovative suppliers. With FASt Lane, suppliers get shorter processing times for IT Schedule 70 contract actions that directly support federal customer agency requirements:

  • Less than 48 hours for contract modifications; and
  • As quickly as 45 days for new offers.

Based on solicitation requirements, the assigned GSA contracting officer will review new offers or contract modifications and provide any necessary feedback. To ensure a speedy process, applying suppliers must be prepared to respond quickly to any inquiries from GSA contracting officers.

Adding New Products and Services

Suppliers already participating in the following initiatives can participate in the FASt Lane Program for contract modifications:

FASt Lane participants must respond within 48 hours to any inquiries or requested information from GSA contracting officers.

Contact for information on participating.

New Offers

  1. Potential suppliers who are not yet on Schedule 70 but meet the following criteria may be eligible for FASt Lane:
    • Suppliers operating within the scope of one of the following GSA initiatives may participate following a scope review:
    • Agile Delivery Services - We welcome agile delivery services suppliers to join IT Schedule 70. Contact for information on participating.
    • Cloud Special Item Number (SIN) - We added SIN 132-40, Cloud Computing Services in 2015. Suppliers can find more on our Cloud SIN page and contact for additional information.
    • Cybersecurity Solutions - See what we offer for cybersecurity.
    • Health IT Services - We welcome Health IT suppliers to join IT Schedule 70. Suppliers can find more on our Health IT Services page or contact for information on participating.
    • Other customer initiatives that may arise (may include contract modification initiatives)
  2. If a federal agency ordering activity requests in writing that suppliers may participate in FASt Lane to support the agency’s current requirements.
  3. Suppliers who need to migrate services from the consolidated Schedule to IT Schedule 70 may participate in FASt Lane.
  4. GSA reserves the right to randomly select industry partners through the offer process for FASt Lane. (Suppliers may opt out.)

Also, join the ongoing IT Schedule 70 conversation through our Interact community.

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