Automated Contact Center Solutions Special Item Number (SIN) 132-20

IT Schedule 70's Special Item Number (SIN) 132-20 for Automated Contact Center Solutions (ACCS) provides the public with ready access to government information and services, and helps agencies ensure timely, consistent, and accurate responses to citizen inquiries. ACCS SIN 132-20 provides federal agencies with easy access to a broad range of contact center services that will make that vision a reality.

Federal agencies can order contact center solutions off of the Automated Contact Center Special Item Number (SIN 132-20) within the GSA Schedules.

State, local, and tribal governments can use the Cooperative Purchasing Program to order.

Benefits for Agencies

Ensure improved customer service and experience by using modern content center technology.

With the ACCS SIN, the ordering agency can:

  • Access pre-vetted, experienced contact center solution vendors providing the complete range of contact center solutions and services;
  • Acquire the technology and labor needed for contact centers;
  • Combine SIN 132-20 with other SINs (such as 132-51, 132-50) to obtain the additional labor needed for completing the contact center acquisition;
  • Customize terms and conditions at the task order level;
  • Ensure good prices and performance through sufficient competition;
  • Establish Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) for recurring needs or indefinite requirements over several years;
  • Establish terms and conditions at the master contract level;
  • Maintain complete control over the acquisition process from start to finish;
  • Meet socio-economic goals with awards to small businesses and other qualified vendors;
  • Meet diverse agency requirements using a flexible pricing structure;
  • Negotiate further discounts to the pre-established ceiling prices;
  • Reduce procurement lead times, with no synopsis required; and
  • Use simplified procurement process for services.

How to Buy Automated Contact Center Solutions

Federal, state, local, tribal, and other eligible entities who want to purchase Automated Contact Center Solutions can use the IT Schedule 70 procurement process. Visit the How to Order page for step-by-step instructions and resources.

How to Sell through the Automated Contact Center Solutions SIN

Automated Contact Center Solution providers can apply to sell through the ACCS SIN by downloading the IT Schedule 70 Package with detailed instructions.

Current Existing IT Schedule 70 Contract Holders

  • Submit a modification to add the ACCS SIN 132-20 to the current contract through GSA's eOffer/eMod portal;
  • After submitting the mod, email with the subject line "FASt Lane contract modification" for faster processing; and
  • Include your existing contract number in the body of the email.

Without an Existing IT Schedule 70 Contract

  • Follow steps in the online guide to prepare and submit an offer;
  • After submitting the offer, email using the subject line "FASt Lane new offer"; and
  • Include the new offer code provided by GSA in the email body.


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