Cloud Special Item Number (SIN) 132-40

Cloud SIN Expansion

We've expanded our Cloud Special Item Number (SIN) 132-40 to include cloud-related IT professional services. These include cloud-related IT professional labor categories and/or services required to:

  • Assess,
  • Prepare,
  • Refactor,
  • Migrate,
  • integrate,
  • Develop new native cloud applications (DevOps), or
  • Govern a cloud implementation.

Special Item Number (SIN) 132-40 is for all cloud services groups cloud technology offerings within Schedule 70 and makes it easier for agencies to acquire cloud services.

How Agencies Can Benefit

The Cloud SIN provides centralized, streamlined access to cloud computing services through IT Schedule 70 to meet eligible government, state and local needs. GSA customers can clearly distinguish cloud services from non-cloud IT products and services in order to find the right solution quickly. Agencies may be able to restrict their solicitation universe to just the offerings within the Cloud SIN and still satisfy their full and open competition requirements like they may with any other SIN.

Cloud SIN 132-40 Listings

For Industry: Apply for the Cloud SIN

If your company provides cloud computing services (CCS), we encourage you to apply to list your solutions on the Cloud Special Item Number (SIN 132-40) on IT Schedule 70. Many government solicitations have already been issued against the new Cloud SIN since its inception. Apply for the CCS SIN 132-40 through GSA's eOffer portal.

For Industry: FASt Lane Eligible

The FASt Lane program offers industry suppliers shorter processing times for IT Schedule 70 contract actions that directly support federal customer agency requirements, including modifying a contract item to be indexed under the Cloud SIN 132-40.

Based on solicitation requirements, the assigned GSA contracting officer will review new offers or modifications to existing contracts and provide any necessary guidance.

The result: Industry partners will have enhanced ability to market cloud computing solutions and offerings on IT Schedule 70 via the Cloud SIN 132-40.

Contact GSA

Contact the GSA cloud experts with any questions about the GSA IT Schedule 70 Cloud SIN. We help agencies navigate the Cloud SIN to acquire cloud services, including providing free scope reviews of solicitations. We also help industry suppliers with the application process to have their cloud offerings indexed under the cloud SIN.

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Last Reviewed: 2019-12-12