Electronic Commerce Special Item Number (SIN 132-52)

Federal agencies can order network services, email services, Internet access services, electronic subscription services, data transmission services, and emerging electronic commerce technologies off of the Electronic Commerce Special Item Number (SIN 132-52) within the GSA Schedules.

State, local, and tribal governments can use the Cooperative Purchasing Program to order.

Benefits to Agencies

Federal agencies can also use FASt Lane.

Advantages to Vendors

  • Have your ecommerce service offering featured so agencies can easily choose it.
  • For the maximum benefit, apply for the Electronic Commerce SIN through GSA's eOffer tool.

How to add the Electronic Commerce SIN

Current IT Schedule 70 Contract Holders

  • Submit a modification to add the Electronic Commerce SIN (132-52) to the current contract through GSA's eOffer/eMod portal.
  • After submitting the mod, email FAStlane@gsa.gov with the subject line "FASt Lane contract modification".
  • Include the existing contract number in the body of the email.

Without an Existing IT Schedule 70 Contract

  • Follow steps in the online guide to prepare and submit an offer.
  • After submitting the offer, email FAStlane@gsa.gov using the subject line "FASt Lane new offer".


Email us for more information at eCommerceSIN@gsa.gov.

The shortcut to this page is gsa.gov/ecommercesin

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