2nd Generation Information Technology Blanket Purchase Agreements (2GIT BPAs)

2GIT BPA graphic

GSA’s 2nd Generation Information Technology Blanket Purchase Agreements (2GIT BPAs) provide access to Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) hardware/software and services.

The 2GIT BPA’s re-award has been announced.

You can view a full list of 2GIT BPA Awardees [PDF - 46 KB] and the re-award press release.

Once available for ordering, the 2GIT BPAs will offer pre-competed IT hardware and software products through GSA Schedule Special Item Numbers (SINs):

Until 2GIT is available, use eBuy to directly solicit quotations from vendors that offer the services or SINs you require. Be sure to include any special requirements (like small business or other socioeconomic set-asides) if needed.

Keep in mind: the contractors you select will be notified of your request for quotes (RFQ). All MAS contractors that offer your selection will be able to respond to your RFQ.

US Air Force customers must also follow the guidance laid out in this October 2019 memo.

For more information on Schedules please see the Multiple Award Schedules Offerings and Requirements.

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If you have other questions or issues related to GSA ordering, please contact the NCSC Help Desk at itcsc@gsa.gov, or call 855-482-4348.

The shortcut to this page is gsa.gov/2git.

Last Reviewed: 2021-02-23