2nd Generation Information Technology Blanket Purchase Agreements (2GIT BPAs)

2GIT BPA graphic

GSA’s 2nd Generation Information Technology Blanket Purchase Agreements (2GIT BPAs) provide access to Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) hardware/software and ancillary services at the best value.

We regret to inform you that protests have been filed against the 2GIT Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) awards. A Competition in Contracting Act (CICA) stay has been instituted until the protest is resolved. Customers that have 2GIT RFQs/Orders in process will have to amend/modify (or cancel if necessary) their requirement and resolicit as an IT Schedule 70 contract acquisition, removing 2GIT references. The modify/amend directions are on page 21 of the eBuy feature guide.

In eBuy, you can directly solicit any Schedule 70 contractors who have the SINs for the products included in your requirement. Your selected contractors will receive notification of your request for quote (RFQ) and can respond accordingly. However, be aware that all Schedule 70 contractors with the requested SINs (see crosswalk below) will be able to respond to the RFQ. Ordering Offices may issue small business set-asides for their requirements if the applicable socioeconomic pool is available for the products needed.

  • SIN 132-8 IT Hardware Products
  • SIN 132-12 IT Hardware Services (Maintenance, Repair and Support)
  • SIN 132-32 IT Software (Term Software Licenses)
  • SIN 132-33 IT Software (Perpetual Software Licenses)
  • SIN 132-34 IT Software Maintenance Services

US Air Force customers should also follow guidance found in the SAF/CN memo issued on 7 Oct 2019 on AFWAY.

Notifications will be issued to buyers and vendors once the protest is resolved and performance restarted.

If you require more assistance in the ordering process, please reach out to your local GSA Customer Support Director for direct support.

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If you have other questions or issues related to GSA ordering, please contact the NCSC Help Desk at itcsc@gsa.gov, or call 855-482-4348.

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Last Reviewed: 2020-04-28