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Federal, state, and local governments can count on the industry partners on MAS Information Technology to offer innovative information technology products, services, and solutions at the best prices.

MAS Information Technology Offers

With millions of IT products, services, and solutions offered by thousands of industry partners, MAS Information Technology is able to meet most customers' simple or complex needs. Industry partners can modify their contracts at any time, allowing them to constantly offer the latest technology. Learn more at What MAS Information Technology offers.

GSA negotiates its fair and reasonable prices based on the aggregated buying power of the federal government.

All prices are still able to be negotiated further by you, the customer. We encourage you to negotiate additional price reductions, discounts, and concessions with our industry partners - not only for orders over the maximum order threshold, but also when circumstances warrant (see FAR 8.405-4).

Special Item Number (SIN) 54151S, Information Technology Professional Services, includes maximum hourly rates.

GSA Schedules also permit incremental funding if your agency's rules allow it.

Each Schedule has a maximum order threshold, which varies by Special Item Number (SIN). The maximum order threshold is not a limit on spending — industry partners can accept any size order. Rather, it is the dollar amount above which:

  • The industry partner can choose not to accept the order
  • A price reduction must be sought

For MAS Information Technology's SINs, the maximum order threshold is between $25,000 - $1,000,000. For more information, please review the SIN details and descriptions found in the solicitation.

Learn more about price reductions.

GSA Schedules save you time by featuring combined synopses and solicitations. Schedules also make it easier for you to meet Competition in Contracting Act (CICA) requirements (see FAR 6.102(d) (3)).

Schedules accept purchase cards and allow task orders and blanket purchase agreements (BPAs). Industry partners can enhance their offerings and create a total solution through contractor team arrangements. You can also add incidental items (see FAR 8.402 (f)).

Learn more:

Note: FAR 8.4 is optional for state, local, and tribal customers. Learn more about Cooperative Purchasing.

Software is a particularly complicated and expensive IT asset. GSA awards many products with agreements on Federal Supply Schedules (FSS). The terms and conditions in standard commercial agreements are often inconsistent with federal laws.

GSA contracting officers (COs) cannot award contracts or modifications involving products and services without first reviewing and modifying the terms in agreements to make them consistent with federal law. Without doing so, such awards would expose the government to a high level of risk.

Read the MAS Information Technology - Approved Agreements List [PDF - 312 KB]

Last Reviewed: 2023-03-15