Information Technology Category Startup Springboard

We want to get the latest technologies to federal agencies faster. Startup Springboard gets innovative IT companies with fewer than two years of experience onto the Information Technology Category.

You can now:

  • Use your executives and key professionals' professional experience to substitute for two years of corporate experience;
  • Use key personnel's project experience to substitute for relevant corporate past performance; and
  • Provide financial documentation that demonstrates your company's financial responsibility instead of submitting two years of financial statements.

Get access to over $15 Billion in annual federal, state, and local IT opportunities.

How to Get Started

1. Learn how to apply at the Guide to Preparing a MAS Offer.

Startup Springboard offers must ONLY contain SINs under the MAS Information Technology Large Category. If you submit an offer under the Springboard Program that includes offerings from other Large Categories, your offer will be rejected.

2.Contact our Startup Springboard support team at

3. Join the ongoing discussion at our Interact community.

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Last Reviewed: 2022-01-13