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GSA’s Software SINs have been designated Best-in-Class (BIC). BIC means that it’s a preferred government wide solution because it provides an opportunity to use the federal government’s buying power. These are SINs 511210 and 54151 in GSA Schedule — IT Category.

The IT Software Subcategory includes SINs for software licenses and software maintenance as a service.

SIN 511210 — Software Licenses

SIN 511210 meets the needs of federal, state, local, regional, tribal governments for commercial software, and software maintenance products. The legacy SINs (132-32 — term software, 132-33 — perpetual software) have been consolidated in the new GSA Multiple Award Schedule Solicitation (511210 — Software Licenses).

Term licenses: The word “term” is defined in this Solicitation as “a limited period of time.” Term software licenses have a limited duration and are not owned in perpetuity. Unless offerors provide an option for converting term licenses into perpetual licenses, users lose the right to use these licenses upon the end of the term period. This SIN is not any of the following:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) as defined in SIN 518210C — Cloud and Cloud-Related IT Professional Services

Term software licenses are distinct from Electronic Commerce and Subscription Services (SIN 54151ECOM).

Perpetual licenses: The word “perpetual” is defined in this solicitation as “continuing forever, everlasting, valid for all time.”

Software maintenance products include the publishing of bug/defect fixes via patches, updates/upgrades in function and technology to maintain the operability, and usability of the software product. It may also include other no-charge support that is included in the purchase price of the product in the commercial marketplace. No charge support includes items such as:

  • Discussion forums
  • Email/web-based general technical support for users self diagnostics
  • FAQs (frequently asked questions)
  • Hosted chat rooms
  • Limited telephone
  • Online help libraries
  • User blogs

The software maintenance products are billed at the time of purchase. Software maintenance as a product does NOT include the creation, design, carry out, integration, etc., of a software package that is considered software maintenance services under SIN 54151.

SIN 54151 — Software Maintenance Services

SIN 54151 software maintenance services creates, designs, implements, and/or integrates customized changes to software that solve one or more problems and is not included with the price of the software.

Software maintenance services includes person-to-person communications regardless of the medium used to communicate: telephone support, online technical support, customized support, and/or technical expertise which are charged commercially.

Note: Software maintenance services are billed in arrears in accordance with 31 U.S.C. 3324.

Customer Benefits

  • The Software SINs are OMB-designated Best-in-Class
  • Leverage GSA’s improved terms and conditions
  • No need to negotiate terms and conditions from scratch — includes approved end user license agreements (EULA)/commercial service agreements (CSA)
  • Benefit from more competition from new and emerging companies
  • Keep pace with rapid technology changes and new offerings
  • Meet the federal government’s growing need for advanced and cutting-edge software solutions
  • Make strategic decisions and get the full value and benefits of category management
  • Trade Agreement Act-compliant software products
  • Improved compliance with National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

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How to Add the Software SINs

Existing Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract holders:

Those without an existing MAS contract:

  • Follow steps in the online guide to prepare and send an offer


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Last Reviewed: 2023-04-19