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Below is an alphabetical list of software BPAs by publisher. For contract information, follow the reseller's links. To find similar software, follow the links for market category.

Note: Some of the links below go to nongovernment commercial sites.

Alphabetical list of software Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) by publisher

Software Reseller(s) agreement information Market category
Oracle Affigent
DLT Solutions, Inc.
immixGroup, Inc.
Mythics, Inc.
Database management
Quest Software Four Points Technology
DLT Solutions, Inc.
Enterprise Management Software (EMS)
SAP Public Services, Inc. Advantaged Solutions, Inc.
Alamo City Engineering Services, Inc.
Carahsoft Technology, Corp.
Oakland Consulting Group
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an enterprise-wide information system used to manage and coordinate all the resources, information, and functions of the enterprise business from shared data stores.
Xacta Telos Corporation Information Assurance
Certification and Accreditation (C&A)
Last Reviewed: 2020-10-13