Connections II Contract Scope

Contract structure and scope

Task orders under Connections II can be firm fixed-price or time-and-materials. This contract will not support cost reimbursable orders.

Find more information and download details about the Connections II scope of contract.

Access to multiple types of task orders

  • Fixed-price (if the order is defined sufficiently for the contractor to clearly define essential requirements and deliverables) task orders are acceptable.
  • Time-and-materials task orders are acceptable.
  • In accordance with FAR 37.6, Connections II allows performance-based contracting techniques for task orders to the maximum extent practicable.

Use four flexible solution sets to request work, or add your own:

  • Communications and networking;
  • Building or campus facility preparation;
  • Operations, administration, and management (OA&M); and
  • Customer service and technical support.

Federal agencies can request work in one or more solution sets, or request an entirely new solution and support for an agency’s legacy platforms.

View example statements of works (SOW).

Hold Contractors to Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Connections II supports specified performance levels and/or quality of service levels in a Service Level Agreement (SLA). The SLA may include:

  • Network metrics (e.g., availability, response time);
  • Billing metrics (e.g., the error rate of charges billed under the contract);
  • Customer service metrics (e.g., the percentage of calls to the customer service function that were answered in less than 30 seconds); and
  • Security metrics (e.g., the probability of detecting attempted intrusions into the system and the associated false-alarm rate).

Ask the contractor to describe in their proposal or quote how they will collect data and an acceptable reporting mechanism to track and report SLA compliance.

Integrate with Networx and local telecommunications contracts

Network services, such as dial tone and transport and access services to and between customer sites, are out of scope for Connections II. Incumbent local exchange carriers, competitive local exchange carriers, wireless telephone carriers, interexchange carriers, or Internet service providers provide these services under other contracts like Networx and GSA Enterprise Mobility.

Federal agencies can use Connections II along with transport contracts, like Networx or Local Telecommunications Services for easier management of your telecommunications service and infrastructure.

Connections II contractors can act as a coordinator or monitor and work with contractors on other GSA telecommunications contracts, such as Networx, to produce a complete solution. Examples include monitoring end-to-end performance, developing business cases, and/or acting as a single point of contact with all involved contractors.

If you require wireless and mobile solutions, GSA’s Enterprise Mobility program is a good source.

If your scope of work is a broad spectrum of information technology solutions, GSA has other GWACs.

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