Connections II FAQs

Connections II is a global contract. While Connections II contractors are not required to deliver services in foreign countries, most of them are already doing so.

Connections II is a multiple award indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity (DIQ) contract based on FAR Part 15. The contract’s fair opportunity is based on FAR Part 16.505.

The total amount for all awards will not exceed $5 Billion.

The Connections II contract ends January 18, 2021. Any task order in place by that date and appropriately defined could last up to five (5) years after the contract end date.

Per the FAR, an agency can choose to set aside an order under Connections II. However, federal agencies must consider all small businesses on Connections II per FAR Part 16.505.

Connections II covers many solution areas in the realm of communications and networking for buildings and campuses. It can include the full life cycle of a network solution (design, procure, install, operate, administer, manage, provide customer service and perform technical support) or any part thereof. It can be used for labor, equipment and/or a turn-key solution. It can supply a network operations center (NOC), a call center or help desk, or cable a building.

Network services, such as dial tone and transport and access services to and between customer sites, are out of scope for Connections II. Connections II contractors can act as a coordinator or monitor and work with contractors on other GSA telecommunications vehicles, such as Networx, to produce a complete solution. For more information anytime, contact

Any federal agency or federally funded entity can purchase off the Connections II contract.

Please refer to the Connections II How to Order webpage.

Orders must conform to the Fair Opportunity process in FAR Part 16.505, giving equal consideration to all Connections II awardees. The agency only needs to consider contractors who respond. On average, about four (4) contractors submit proposals. If there is only one response, and it meets the agency criteria, you can award the task order. Small business set-asides are possible per FAR Part 16.505.

Connections II is built to handle complex solutions. It can also handle smaller simple procurements. You can use the contract to build an entire enterprise network, support a call center or purchase and install routers and switches.

Connections II contractors can coordinate their work with other contracts. They can act as integrators to coordinate efforts across multiple contracts. They can be your agency’s eyes and ears to make sure all is going smoothly and make recommendations when issues arise. Connections II can coordinate for an end-to-end solution for enterprise needs including monitoring, troubleshooting, and reporting.

Alliant’s scope covers the broad spectrum of all Integrated Technology (IT). Connections II is focused on telecommunications in buildings or campuses. Thus, it provides a select group of highly-qualified, thoroughly experienced contractors to focus on such tasks. Connections II has a full telecommunications labor set which supports these tasks and some pre-evaluated communications/networking equipment.

No. Network services that provide transport and access to and between customer sites are out of scope. Telephone carriers and Internet service providers offer these services through contracts such as Networx and GSA’s Enterprise Mobility program.

Yes. Pursuant to FAR 37.6, performance-based contracting techniques can be applied to task orders issued under this contract to the maximum extent practicable.

No. Unlike its predecessor, Connections II will not have separate, individual categories that require client selection before a task order can be competed and awarded.

Yes. The contract is capable of supporting a specified performance level and/or quality of service level in a Service Level Agreement (SLA). The SLA may include:
  • Network metrics (e.g., availability, response time);
  • Billing metrics (e.g., the error rate of charges billed under the contract);
  • Customer service metrics (e.g., the percentage of calls to the customer service function that were answered in less than 30 seconds);
  • Security metrics (e.g., the probability of detecting attempted intrusions into the system and the associated false-alarm rate).
The contractor shall describe to the customer how the data will be collected and provided to the customer and provide an acceptable reporting mechanism that tracks the requirements agreed to in the SLA.

Task Orders can be Firm Fixed Price or Time and Materials. This contract will not support Cost Reimbursable orders. However, items such as travel can be handled on a reimbursable basis. All quotations for task orders shall be fixed price, provided the order is defined sufficiently to permit the contractor to clearly define the essential requirements and the deliverables. Otherwise, quotations for support services may be priced on a time and materials basis. All quotations for equipment and supplies shall be unit priced unless specified otherwise. The proposal should comply with the task request requirements.

No, BPAs cannot be done under Connections II. However, many times a task order can be scoped to enable a broad spectrum of labor and equipment. For instance, in support of a network switch, one might need adds, moves and changes. Often there is history showing past workloads. This, and a list of locations to be supported, could provide for a fairly competed task order. Please feel free to ask our Connections II program office for ideas.

Yes. Connections II supports two types of orders, Agency Direct Order (self-service) and GSA Assisted Service. Assisted Service corresponds to orders placed with GSA’s assistance and Self Service pertains to orders placed directly by the customer with the awarded contractor.

Yes, all the Connections II contractors are knowledgeable on SCRM and practice many aspects already. More practices can be added at the task order level.

Yes, all the Connections II contractors are knowledgeable on sustainability and practice many aspects already. More practices can be added at the task order level.

Review the two memos in the Download the Contract section of the Resources webpage.

Connections II is not accepting new contractors. The current prime industry partners are for the life of the contract. However, the primes are adding new subcontractors as needed. Feel free to contact them directly.

Last Reviewed: 2020-11-18