Connections II Success Stories

Federal agencies are finding successful campus and building network solutions, cost savings, and efficiencies in a number of ways with GSA’s Connections II program.

Convert to IP telephony

The U.S. Department of State selected contractor through Connections II to upgrade U.S. Embassies and Consulates overseas to advanced IP telephony over the next five years.

Maintain private branch exchange (PBX) switches

The General Services Administration needed to maintain and support 26 private branch exchange (PBX) switches in five states.

GSA used Connections to compete, award, and implement the project in only three (3) months.

Over five years, GSA saved 62 percent in costs by implementing the solution.

Manage a centralized service call center

The Federal Trade Commission made an award on legacy Connections to manage a centralized service call center with several locations, including on-site end user support.

Upgrade national unified communications

One federal agency is installing a national unified communications upgrade over five years at hundreds of locations. To date, they have achieved nearly $20 Million in direct cost savings.

Support telecommunications operations, billing and modernization

Another agency required telecommunications operations, billing management, and modernization support over 2.5 years at hundreds of sites. They anticipate $2 Million savings on telephone service. A reduction in trouble tickets is saving about $10 Million a year in operational costs. Pleased with the progress, they are expediting the Modernization Schedule.

Support an Overseas Network

Another agency used Connections II to acquire overseas network support. They achieved 10 percent savings on labor prices and 30 percent savings on equipment prices.

Last Reviewed: 2020-11-18