About Transition

One of the government’s top priorities for telecommunications is the transition of services from the expiring Networx, WITS 3, and the Local Telecommunications Services contracts to the upcoming Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contracts. This transition provides a flexible platform to support agency migrations to modern telecommunications and IT service offerings. As these contracts expire, GSA will assist agencies with transitioning their existing services to the replacement EIS contracts to ensure continuity of services.

Transitioning to EIS requires extensive planning, coordination, and training by GSA and the agencies. The activities must begin well in advance of EIS contract awards. Planning and executing an effective and efficient transition from the expiring contracts to EIS will avoid disruptions and added costs. GSA will set the transition schedule and manage transition to meet the schedule.

To manage transition, GSA has established the Transition Coordination Center (TCC). The GSA TCC will assist GSA, agencies, and current and potential industry partners involved in the transition to EIS.

The GSA TCC is responsible for:

  • Conducting transition strategy and project management;
  • Collecting, validating, and maintaining the Transition Inventory that reflects active services on all expiring contracts;
  • Providing assistance to agencies for transition planning and help with contractor selection and ordering;
  • Collaborating with contractors to facilitate a successful transition;
  • Tracking and reporting transition progress; and
  • Providing customer support, training, self-help tools, and templates.

Transition Strategy

In concert with agency customers, contractors, and oversight organizations, the TCC has implemented a transition strategy that capitalizes on lessons learned from previous transitions to affect a successful transition.

The key elements of this strategy are as follows:

  • Integrated transition team;
  • Agency Transition Plan (ATP);
  • Early and effective support from GSA to agencies;
  • A phased, orderly approach to acquisition and ordering; and
  • Transparency and meaningful reporting.

These elements are described below. Download the Transition Strategy and Management Plan (TSMP) [PDF - 4 MB] for a more detailed discussion of GSA’s program-level, Governmentwide approach to managing a successful transition to EIS, including strategic lessons learned.

Agencies identify their integrated transition team:

  • Identify a senior executive Agency Transition Sponsor; and
  • Appoint a Transition Ordering Contracting Officer (TOCO) and Lead Transition Manager (LTM) for communications between GSA and agency contracting and telecom staffs.

Agencies develop an Agency Transition Plan (ATP):

  • Deliver the ATP to GSA by October 31, 2016; and
  • Update the ATP as needed and share with GSA.

GSA provides early, tailored support to agencies:

  • Provide support for contractor selection and ordering in lieu of transition reimbursement; and
  • Validate inventory with Networx and Local Telecommunications Services contractors—completed January 2016.

Manage a phased, orderly approach:

  • Guide the sequence of transition activities, in cooperation with agencies and contractors; and
  • Achieve early progress, level resource demands, and minimize backlogs.

Support transparency and meaningful reporting:

  • Define metrics representative of business volume and service complexity; and
  • Track and report progress toward firm deadlines.
Last Reviewed: 2023-02-07