All Agency Inventory

GSA has created All Agency Inventory (AAI) to assist agencies as they develop their Fair Opportunity (FO) solicitations and subsequent service orders. AAI extends current Transition Inventory (TI) data to a more detailed level to include individual Contract Line Item Numbers (CLINs), features, equipment, bandwidth, and other data not currently available within TI.

This reporting mechanism uses business rules, technical specifications, and contract requirements to transform data received from contractor inventory, billing, and orders for expiring contracts into a common format, thereby reducing the need for individual agency data collection and saving time. Data is normalized using relationships and other attributes to reduce data redundancy and improve data integrity. Current contract data is mapped to EIS services (both primary and secondary), CLINs, Core Based Statistical Areas (CBSAs), and other contract components.

Agencies should contact their Agency Managers to discuss their FO requirements and request AAI from the GSA’s Transition Coordination Center (TCC) inventory team. Request your AAI report now and get acquisition ready.

Download the following resources for more information about AAI:

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