Transition Inventory

In January 2016, GSA created a validated service inventory database to capture Transition Inventory (TI) from expiring Networx, WITS 3, and Local Telecommunications Services contracts. TI is accessible within the GSA E-MORRIS application to authorized agency users for the purposes of transition planning. GSA continues to validate TI on a monthly basis, updating data to account for new records, disconnected services, and changes.

Each agency needs to have at least one user with E-MORRIS access in order to manage the TI data. GSA recommends having multiple users with E-MORRIS accounts as backup. These users will have the ability to access and download TI data, and view transition progress tracking statistics based on the AB Codes and AHCs identified during the registration process.

Each agency was expected to review and confirm the validated TI no later than October 31, 2016. Agencies should continue to monitor TI for accuracy as it is used for tracking and reporting transition progress. Agencies can access data by using the TI module in E-MORRIS.

For information and instructions, download the following:

Key steps include:

  • Identifying agency points of contact responsible for managing the transition inventory;
  • Updating or requesting access to E-MORRIS and the TI module;
  • Retrieving and reviewing the data to confirm ongoing updates and changes;
  • Providing feedback to the GSA Transition Coordination Center (TCC); and
  • Continuing to identify exceptions and missing inventory by working with the GSA TCC to ensure inventory remains valid.

For detailed questions about TI, please email:

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