Transition Timeline

As of October 2, 2017

Agencies should meet the following critical milestones to ensure services are transitioned before their current contracts expire:

  • Agencies confirm the Transition Inventory (TI) – October 31, 2016;
  • Agencies develop Agency Transition Plans (ATPs); Transition Sponsor delivers ATP to GSA ITS – October 2016;
  • Agencies release solicitations for Fair Opportunity (FO) selection of EIS contractors – October 2017;
  • Agencies award task orders for EIS services – October 2018;
  • Agencies achieve 50 percent (50%) transition of services – June 2019; and
  • Agencies achieve 100 percent (100%) transition of services – March/May 2020.

We've provided an illustrative timeline below:

EIS Transition Timeline Image

*Note Regarding Continuity of Service: Agencies should plan to complete their transition by March 2020. Some agencies will have challenges completing by that timeframe. The Networx contracts have a 365-day continuity of service period that allows for services to continue to operate at the last year of contract pricing which would allow services to continue to March 2021. However, caution is important when considering the continuity of service period. A continuity of service period is exercised on an already-expired contract. Once this period ends, there is no opportunity to extend the contract or services.

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