Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions Training Opportunities

Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) provides training and certifications to contracting officers (COs), telecommunications program managers, contracting officers’ representatives (CORs), lead transition managers (LTMs), transition ordering contracting officers (TOCOs), other agency users of EIS, and contractors.

Find the following types of training below:

EIS Transition Training Sessions

GSA has created an outreach strategy where training opportunities are continuously identified, developed, and presented based on emerging needs throughout the EIS transition. Each session was recorded, full presentations are able to be accessed by clicking the links below. Contact your GSA Telecommunications Agency Manager if you have any questions.

EIS In-Scope Review Process/Best Practices (8-9-18) Covers GSA’s in-scope review process, including terms and conditions, technical reviews, pricing reviews, and best practices for each. Provides information on Task Order evaluation criteria and how to obtain GSA assistance. (May earn 1.5 Continuous Learning Points.)

OTS Workshop: EIS Use Case Reviews – Approaches for Fair Opportunity Solicitations (5-17-18)

Provides information to assist agencies in preparing solicitations designed to award task orders to multiple contractors; award diverse, redundant, or back-up services as part of a single solicitation to a single contractor; and award diverse, redundant, or back-up services as part of a single solicitation to multiple EIS contractors. (May earn 1.5 Continuous Learning Points.)

Workshop No. 6: Industry Perspective on Providing High Quality Proposals (5-31-18)

Includes topics of solicitation complexity categorizations, timeline of proposal creation activities, “wild card” agency requirements and their impact on proposal development, and industry recommendations. (May earn 1.5 Continuous Learning Points.)

EIS Self-paced eLearning Courses

Delegation of Procurement Authority (DPA) Training * Covers requirements for all OCOs and authorized officials in order for GSA to grant permission to obligate funds against the EIS contract. Follow instructions here to Request an EIS DPA.
Fair Opportunity and Ordering Guide ** Reviews the Fair Opportunity process as prescribed by the FAR to EIS Task Order solicitations. CLP credits may be earned. (May earn 3 Continuous Learning Points.)
Management and Operations (MOPS) ** Reviews MOPS related processes, including specific MOPS functions that support the EIS contracts.

* This link will take you directly to the Defense Acquisition University (DAU). At this time you will need to search the DAU's website for DPA training.

** This link will take you directly to GSA Interact.

EIS Online Instructor-led Courses

Contact your GSA Telecommunications Agency Manager to schedule an instructor led course. Gain knowledge and get immediate feedback directly from an instructor.


All Agency Inventory (AAI) Module I

Provides overview of the AAI Tool including how agencies request reports and how to leverage data for inventory analysis and transition service order creation.

All Agency Inventory (AAI) Module II

Provides an overview of the categories and types of reports available from AAI including a description of the data and how to use the data. Also included is a demonstration on using the reports for acquisition strategy, creating solicitation documents, and Independent Government Cost Estimates (IGCEs).

All Agency Inventory (AAI) Module III

Provides an overview of AAI billing data attributes and uses, data fields, billing codes, billing reports, and billing files.

Fair Opportunity and Ordering Guide (FOOG)

Covers each phase of the Fair Opportunity process to help OCOs and other stakeholders use the EIS contracts. (May earn 3 Continuous Learning Points.)

Solicitation/SOW Assist Tool (SSAT)

Describes SSAT demonstrations that may be requested to help agencies understand the capabilities of the SSAT and the tool’s ability to facilitate the creation of acquisition documentation.

Telecommunications 101 and EIS Pricing Structures

Covers basic telecommunications concepts and pricing structures that will be used on EIS contracts. (May earn 3 Continuous Learning Points.)

Transition Inventory (TI)

Covers the basics of using the TI module in E-MORRIS, which includes definitions, instructions to access, and TI reports and records.

EIS Informational Videos​

Access EIS service guide videos to learn information quickly and easily by visiting our EIS Informational Videos playlist on the GSA YouTube Channel.

Individual EIS Service Guide Videos are listed below:

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