Enterprise Mobility Management

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Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) has become a key focus for federal agencies as security has continued to be a top priority. EMM consists of a collective set of tools used to centralize management and maintenance of mobile devises and includes mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM), and mobility content management solutions. EMM addresses the combination of security and management solutions for devices, applications, data and content.

GSA and the cross-government mobile services category team an EMM functional requirements [PDF - 861 KB] document to help agencies better understand this area of mobility.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions are designed to:

  • Enable wireless assets to become fully integrated components of the IT enterprise;
  • Improve security, integration, and mobile application adoption;
  • Securely manage mobile devices and platforms;
  • Increase access to data, applications, and services; and
  • Comply with federal policies and administrative initiatives.

Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management (MDM/MAM) solutions have comprehensive core functions that make them indispensable for agencies to manage mobile assets.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) - Device management and other mobile management functions, including:

  • Operations;
  • Policy;
  • Security;
  • Configuration;
  • Mobile network performance;
  • Application support:
    • Application performance;
    • Version control;
    • Distribution, etc.)
  • Mobile data management (on devices).

Mobile Application Management (MAM) - Mobile application management (MAM) and mobile application store (MAS) management to perform application monitoring, reporting, security, and deployment.

MDM/MAM Integration - Activities relating to:

  • Integration;
  • Transition;
  • Deployment; and
  • Operations of an MDM/MAM solution within an agency's infrastructure.

See a listing of available sources of supply for the Wireless Mobility Solutions TEMS Category (SIN 132-53 subcategory 6). Industry partners who would like to be added should complete the Modification Checklist [DOCX - 20 KB].

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